Crafting Circularity

Crafting Circularity – Rethinking Sustainable Design and Construction in Architecture Education is a European educational project of five European schools and 40 students. The project is supported by the Erasmus+ program. Based on the limitations the world is facing, this collaborative project explores a bold paradigm shift: designing architecture with availabilities of resources. As this is a new approach and role of architecture, it establishes, therefore, new methods, tools and processes in architecture education.

Together we want to connect existing knowledge and strategies of circular construction to the largely unaltered design practice and, additionally, extending the studio to a design & build practice where the design will be established as a simultaneously reflected material use. Through full-scale design and build workshops at the different universities, online seminars on circular design with mixed teams, we confront the students with the impact of circular construction and develop new hybrid learning and teaching methods. (coördination Academy of Architecture Amsterdam by Machiel Spaan and Jeroen van Mechelen)

Monday 20th of March

Workshop at BoerBos, Fortboerderij Dijkzicht, Rijsenhout

Saturday 26th of March

Presentation at 14.00 hrs of the results, Marineterrein Amsterdam

A European educational project with:

  • Academy of Architecture Amsterdam, Machiel Spaan and Jeroen van Mechelen
  • University of Liechtenstein, Carmen Rist-Stadelman, Urs Meister
  • NTNU Trondheim, August Schmidt, Arnstein Gilberg
  • University of Antwerp, Mario Rinke, Frederik Vandyck
  • University of Thessaly, Volos, Maria Vrontissi

Makerspace Martijn Troost, Bo Jansen, Peter Schuitemaker
Building site Boer Bos
Production and organization Academy of Architecture Amsterdam: Emmalot Morel Building Material Vlasman Sloopwerken
Network and connections Podium voor Architectuur Haarlemmermeer en Schiphol